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Call for STP Member Volunteers for Two Committees - Volunteer by April 30

By Tierre Miller posted 04-22-2024 10:56


The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee (DIBC) and the Fundraising Committee – are seeking new member volunteers to serve beginning in June 2024. Volunteer by April 30, 2024! 

Greetings! STP is now recruiting new member volunteers to serve on two consequential committees that are central to meeting STP goals and objectives: the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee (DIBC) and the Fundraising Committee. Tenure for these volunteer roles begins in late June 2024. Traditionally, our membership volunteers rotate on and off standing committees at the time of our STP Annual Symposium when committee leadership changes over. No experience is required for most of our standing committees; we only ask that you can commit time and energy for meetings and committee activities. Participation is key to the success of our diverse and impactful committees and our Society as a whole.

New STP committee terms commence in June 2024 and go through June 2026, traditionally also at the time of the STP Annual Symposium. To volunteer for one or more committees*, please visit the volunteer webpage choose to volunteer for either the DIBC or Fundraising Committee by April 30, 2024 (note: all other committee volunteer assignments have been met for 2024-2026). You will be contacted regarding new committee assignments by June 2024.

If you need more information about either the DIBC or Fundraising Committee, please contact the committee chair, or view the committee charges document.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in the STP!

*In general, new committee appointments will be guided toward individuals who do not have an existing, on-going committee assignment. In general, members will receive only one new committee assignment per year unless there are insufficient volunteers to fill open committee seats.

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