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New STP Special Interest Group 🤼 Musculoskeletal Pathology

By Tierre Miller posted 08-28-2023 11:40


New STP Special Interest Group Formed
Musculoskeletal Pathology

The Society of Toxicologic Pathology is pleased to announce the establishment of the Musculoskeletal Pathology Special Interest Group. The Musculoskeletal Special Interest Group seeks to increase awareness of, and exchange scientific information on musculoskeletal pathology. Our goal is to serve as a platform to enhance networking and education, by conducting regular meetings that encourage presentation of case examples, classic lesions, histopathology, biomarkers, imaging modalities, practical considerations in evaluation of musculoskeletal system, novel ideas and development etc. Additionally, we also plan to contribute to continuing education courses, symposium sessions etc.

At this time, we invite all interested members to join the newly formed Musculoskeletal Pathology SIG. 

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in the STP!

Special Interest Group Members
Smitha Pillai, Chair
Kathryn Gropp, Co-Chair
Agathe Bédard
Caitlin Brown
Caroline Cluzel
Stacey Fossey
Thanhthao Huynh
Shan Naidu
Deepa Rao, EC Liaison
Matthias Rinke
Dirk Schaudien
John Vahle