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Applications for Student Scholarship and Trainee Award — Due by November 1

By Tierre Miller posted 09-29-2022 12:24


 Student Scholarship and Award Deadlines for 2023

The Daniel Morton and Laura Dill Morton Scholarship
Application Deadline: November 1, 2022 

The Daniel Morton and Laura Dill Morton Scholarship was established in 2016 to provide an award annually to an outstanding student/trainee with an interest in toxicologic pathology. Students with a DVM or equivalent degree enrolled in a full-time graduate or residency program who demonstrate commitment to toxicologic pathology and high potential for a successful career in this field are encouraged to apply. Applicants must submit a personal statement describing current research activities, interests and activities related to toxicologic pathology, and professional goals, two professional letters of recommendation with one letter from their academic advisor, and Curriculum Vitae.

Applicants will be judged based on level of demonstrated interest in the field of toxicologic pathology, letters of recommendation and CV. In addition to an engraved plaque, the awardee will receive a $5,000.00 monetary award for such purposes as they deem appropriate. While attendance at the next STP Annual Symposium the year of receipt is not a requirement, should the awardee be in attendance, they will be recognized during the Awards & Recognition Ceremony at the STP Annual Symposium. Award acknowledgment will be included on the STP website and in the annual symposium issue of Toxicologic Pathology.

Applicants should complete the online application and upload a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and CV. The deadline for submission is November 1 by 5:00 pm ET to be considered for the 2023 annual award cycle. 

The IATP/STP Charles Capen Trainee Award
Application Deadline: November 1, 2022 

The Charles Capen Trainee Award given by the International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology (IATP) and the Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) recognizes Dr. Charles Capen and his legacy as a researcher, teacher, and mentor to the pathology and toxicology communities spanning more than four decades.

The awardee will receive a $2,000 monetary award to further their training and education in the field of toxicologic pathology. In addition, complimentary STP student membership for the following year will be provided to qualified student awardees. To qualify for student membership, individuals must be enrolled full time or part time in a professional veterinary or medical training program, or a graduate degree, residency or postdoctoral training program. The awardee will be recognized during the Awards and Recognition Ceremony at the STP Annual Symposium. Applicants are required to submit a published (or accepted for publication) manuscript from a peer-reviewed journal consisting of original work involving clinical or experimental research that relates to toxicologic pathology.

Eligible trainees are individuals working on an academic degree, or in a training or residency program, in the field of experimental or toxicologic pathology or a related discipline (to include, but not limited to, veterinary students, pathology residents [veterinary or medical] and/or MS or PhD students). Candidates who have recently completed (within 12 months of the application deadline) their graduate studies are also eligible, but must have been enrolled in a program at the time the data were collected. Attendance at the  STP Annual Symposium in the year the award is presented is required. The Charles Capen Award is based on a published first-author manuscript within the past year or a currently accepted manuscript in the field of toxicological pathology, as well as on a letter of recommendation, personal statement, and CV. Please see specific instructions below on how to apply.

IATP was established in 1999. Its purpose is to recognize and accredit toxicologic pathologists whose work affects the public welfare throughout the world. Fellows of IATP are scientists who have achieved expert status in the practice of toxicologic pathology through scientific leadership and innovation which benefits society and their profession. Accreditation in IATP is based on formal training in pathology, demonstrated achievement, proven ability, continuing practice and expertise. Agencies, universities and other  organizations regularly seek out IATP Fellows to serve as guest lecturers, panel experts, and consultants. For more information on    IATP please visit the IATP website.

 The deadline for submission is November 1 by 5:00 pm ET to be considered for the 2023 annual award cycle