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Celebrating Women’s History Month

By Tierre Miller posted 03-28-2022 16:13


Celebrating Women’s History Month


Throughout this month of March, we have highlighted words of wisdom from some of our women STP presidents of the past, present, and future. We’ve learned about their experiences, what inspires them and how they view the future of the STP and the role of women leaders in the field of toxicologic pathology. In this Women’s History Month, it is important to also honor and remember the first woman president of our Society, Dr. Beverly Cockrell.



Dr. Beverly Cockrell (1937 – 2012)
First Woman President of STP

A founding member of the STP, Dr. Cockrell became the first woman president of the Society in 1985. She was well known for her expertise as a pathologist and electron microscopist and was a highly sought-after consultant that collaborated with many toxicologists in determining and publishing important health effects of exposures to chemicals and pharmaceutical agents.