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Celebrating Women’s History Month

By Tierre Miller posted 03-22-2022 15:50


Celebrating Women’s History Month


In honor of Women’s History Month, the STP would like to celebrate some of the great women in our Society’s history. Our women leaders inspire us every day with their strength and perseverance, paving the way toward a bright future. Throughout the month of March, we will share inspiring words from some of our women presidents: past, present, and future.



Dr. Wanda Haschek-Hock
Past President of STP (2010-11)

“I am proud of the global impact of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology and honored to have had multiple opportunities to serve the membership, including as president. I have found STP to be welcoming and inclusive with excellent networking and educational opportunities, as well as impacting the regulatory aspects of drug development.” 


Dr. Charlotte Keenan
Past President of STP (1999-2000)

“‘Having it all’ is a myth. When asked by a younger colleague what my formula was for ‘doing it all’ and balancing the juggling act of personal life and career life, I reflected that knowing yourself, how much you can reasonably handle, and pacing yourself are key elements to making sure you don’t burn out. It took me a while, but I did learn to say ‘no’ when the activity was outside of my interests or would take more time than I could budget for. It helps to recognize that all social interactions involve a degree of ‘politics’ and dealing with ‘personalities’. When you do get engaged, at work or a community activity, and have the opportunity to make a contribution, it gives you positive energy that benefits not only yourself but your family as well. So, I would encourage you all to get involved beyond your immediate work and home responsibilities in whatever piques your interest – the return on that investment is very satisfying!”

Stay tuned for more women leader quotes in the near future...