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Sponsored Message: AIRA Matrix — Preclinical Drug Accelerator

By Tierre Miller posted 11-23-2021 10:55


This message was sent to all STP members and past meeting attendees on behalf of AIRA Matrix as part of the STP 2021 Virtual Exhibitor Program. 

“Preclinical Drug Accelerator”

A suite of novel Artificial Intelligence based solutions to mitigate risks and provide cost-and-time optimization for preclinical drug development activities.

The accelerator suite provides visual, evidence-based results for easy regulatory reviews, enables faster time-to-market, improves outcomes for safe & efficacious drugs, and reduces requirement of animal testing.

The Suite Includes:
Image management and analysis system developed exclusively for preclinical pathology workflows
Predictive Toxicology
AI models across multiple modalities to help with go/no-go decisions and failure point predictions in drug safety assessments
Tissue Triaging
Optimized reporting of the typical 80% or so of “Normal” tissue samples in toxicology safety studies and reduction in reporting cycle from months to weeks
Systems Toxicology
Assessment of toxicity in individual tissue systems with improved accuracy and reduction in inter and intra-observer variability
In-vivo Disease Model Quantification
Objective, quantifiable and reproducible inferences on the efficacy of the test drug molecule, with significant improvement in accuracy and turnaround time

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