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Invitation to join INHAND

By Tierre Miller posted 03-17-2021 12:15


Invitation to join INHAND 

The INHAND (International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria for Lesions) project ( is a global joint initiative of the Societies of Toxicologic Pathology from Europe (ESTP), Great Britain (BSTP), Japan (JSTP) and North America (STP) to develop an internationally accepted nomenclature for proliferative and nonproliferative lesions in laboratory animals, focusing on microscopic lesions. This project has been ongoing since 2005 with successful publication of 15 rodent organ systems and recent completion of non-rodent species.  This could not have been accomplished without the contributions of dedicated and motivated toxicologic pathologists.  The INHAND groups will continue as standing committees for decisions on change control requests and for updates with recent research results.  We would like to solicit experienced Society members for replacement of retiring members. In addition to the skilled expertise gained during the discussions this is a great chance for networking with international colleagues bringing the scientific community close together.  If you are interested in joining this ongoing effort in standardized terminology, please contact any of the GESC members or Chairs of the Working Groups