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Sponsored Message: Aira Matrix Webinar Announcement

By Tierre Miller posted 10-20-2020 10:58


 This message was sent to all STP members and past meeting attendees on behalf of Aira Matrix as part of the STP 2020 Virtual Exhibitor Program

Digital Intelligence for Life Sciences




Application of Artificial Intelligence in Scoring Rodent Cardiomyopathy

In Association with Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc


Wednesday, November 11, 2020 

8.00 PST/ 11.00 EST/ 17.00 CET/ 21.30 IST

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Progressive cardiomyopathy (PCM) is a common background change seen in rodent toxicology. We invite you to participate and discuss deep learning applications for progressive cardiomyopathy (PCM) scoring in rodents. 

Our presentation will detail the algorithm development process and results for the detection and quantification of major features of PCM like:

  • Cardiomyocyte degeneration and necrosis

  • Mononuclear cell infiltrate

  • Fibrosis

Register even if you cannot attend, so that you can access the recording!

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Uttara Joshi

Head, BD, AIRA Matrix


Deb Tokarz

Staff Pathologist, EPL

Nitin Singhal

Head, Products, AIRA Matrix


About AIRA Matrix

AIRA Matrix provides artificial intelligence-based solutions for Life Sciences applications. Our products and services improve efficiency, diagnostic accuracy, and turnaround of pathology and microbiology workflows in research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories. To discuss our full suite of image management systems, image analysis solutions, and custom development services, contact us at