STP Scientific and Regulatory Policy Committee Digital Peer Review Survey

STP Scientific and Regulatory Policy Committee
Digital Peer Review Survey

The STP Scientific and Regulatory Policy Committee has created a Digital Peer Review Survey and requests your assistance in having it completed. The SRPC has determined that the survey would be best completed by coordinating group toxicologic pathologists through a designated toxicologic pathologist point of contact responder for each individual institution site location. Institution site locations may be within any given multi-site corporate, non-profit or government institution.

The reasons for this direction are (1) to reduce the possibility of duplicate responses from a single site while (2) meeting the purpose of this survey to gain feedback and perspective specifically from working toxicologic pathologists, and (3) including as many toxicologic pathologists as possible.

Deadline extended to December, 21.
Please open the Digital Peer Review Survey for further information regarding the survey purpose, organization, and how the information will be used. Please submit your responses at your earliest convenience no later than December 21, 2019.

Many thanks from your colleagues on the Digital Peer Review Working Group of the STP Scientific and Regulatory Policy Committee. 

Tom Forest, Chair
Thomas Steinbach, SRPC Liaison
Famke Aeffner
Dinesh Bangari
Bhupinder Bawa
Jonathan D. Carter
James D. Fikes
Shim-mo Hayashi
Wanda High
Matt Jacobsen
LuAnn McKinney
Daniel G. Rudmann
Vanessa Schumacher
Mark Seaton
Oliver C. Turner
Jerrald M. Ward
Cynthia Willson
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