Opportunity is Knocking: Are You The Next Editor of Toxicologic Pathology?


Toxicologic Pathology, the official journal of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP), European Society of Toxicologic Pathology (ESTP), and British Society of Toxicological Pathologists (BSTP), is currently welcoming applications for the Editor-in-Chief of Toxicologic Pathology. The current editor, Dr. Susan Elmore, concludes her term on December 31, 2020. To ensure a smooth transition, the societies seek to appoint a successor by July 2020. 

Toxicologic Pathology is a premier publication for communicating original research findings, comprehensive reviews, and current practice recommendations in toxicologic pathology. Regular issues are published monthly; a supplement containing papers from the STP Annual Meeting is published annually, and on occasion, additional supplements regarding special topics may be produced (e.g., compilations of organ- or modality-specific toxicologic pathology knowledge, the INHAND recommendations for rodent lesion nomenclature). Journal operations are supported by the publisher (SAGE, Thousand Oaks, CA) and include support of a part-time managing editor, an illustrations editor, multiple associate editors, and an editorial board. 

Desired qualifications for the Editor-in-Chief include:

  • A toxicologic pathologist with a strong record of published research as primary author
  • A professional degree in a relevant discipline and previous experience as an editor, associate editor, or editorial board member desirable but not required
  • A member of STP, ESTP, and/or BSTP
  • An intimate knowledge of the field of toxicologic pathology
  • A desire to set the standard for intellectual rigor in the discipline and facilitate a high-quality publication
  • The ability to work in an electronic editorial environment
  • A proven ability to meet and enforce deadlines
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Job Description:

The Editor-in-Chief of Toxicologic Pathology is responsible for the scientific content of the journal and managing the manuscript review process.

General duties of the Editor-in-Chief include:

  • Attract high-profile manuscripts and review papers
  • Enhance the journal’s impact factor
  • Lead the editorial board
  • Provide advice to and solicit advice from the editorial staff (associate editors, managing editor, illustrations editor)
  • Prescreen submitted manuscripts for content relevance
  • Approve final galleys for publication
  • Promote online manuscript submission
  • Write editorials as warranted
  • Promote the editorial integrity and substance of the journal in cooperation with the societal governing bodies and editorial board
  • Make appointments to the editorial board and journal staffing positions
  • Establish editorial policies for the journal
  • Serve as the official liaison for STP, ESTP, and BSTP with the publisher
  • Participate in Executive Committee meetings of STP (which manages Toxicologic Pathology on behalf of the three societies) as needed to report on activities of the journal
  • Propose and implement innovations to the journal in content, emphasis, form, and business practice
  • Develop strategies to increase journal subscriptions and advertising

For further information about the job description, please email stp@toxpath.org. Interested candidates should be willing to make a three-year commitment. Please submit a CV, a one-page statement describing relevant experience and a vision for the journal, and the names and contact information for two to three professional references. Application materials should be sent to: STP Headquarters, 11190 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300, Reston, Virginia 20191, United States. Tel: 703.438.7508 | Fax: 703.438.3113 | Email: stp@toxpath.org. Review of applications will begin on January 31, 2020.

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