Call for CE Course Suggestions for the 2020 Annual Symposium

Call for CE Course Suggestions for the 2020 Annual Symposium

Have you ever sat at your laptop or your microscope and fervently wished for a good up-to-date summary of some topic with which you are struggling? Do you have an area of expertise of value to STP members? Almost assuredly you have, and you do.

The Continuing Education(CE) Subcommittee is looking for nominations for STP Annual Symposium CE courses for 2020 and beyond. If you have an idea for an interesting, relevant CE course suitable for the annual symposium, please don’t keep it to yourself, but let us know! The 2020 Annual Symposium will be held June 13-18, 2020 in Summerlin, Nevada and will be a terrific venue for sharing great ideas and discussions!

To send your course proposal, please complete the information contained in the downloadable 2020 STP CE Course Proposal Submission Form and email directly to the CE Chair Gopa Gopalakrishnan by
March 1, 2019.

STP members are what make our organization unique and valuable. Thanks for your input!

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