STP Membership Dues Reminder—Renew Today!


Dear Fellow STP Member, 

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology, I would like to extend our thanks to you for being a member. We highly value your membership and your participation in STP!

The 2018 STP Annual Symposium, “Keeping It Renal”, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, was a great success, providing a stimulating scientific program and posters as well as a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues, students, and exhibitors. Such success is due to the outstanding efforts from our members – like you! The 2019 STP Annual Symposium, “Environmental Toxicologic Pathology and One Health”, to be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, promises to be just as rewarding. With your continued support and participation in the Society, we can look forward to another year of working together to accomplish our shared goals.

We are pleased to report that, following a year in which membership dues decreased, we are holding dues at that same decreased level this year. Annual dues in the amount of $195 will be offered to Full and Associate members who opt for online-only journal access in 2019. An additional $15 will be added to the Full and Associate member dues for print journal subscriptions for a total amount of $210. You will need to indicate this selection on the online renewal or print invoice. Student member dues remain at $25; and Emeritus member dues remain at $0. Print journal subscriptions are available for an additional $35 for Student members, and $70 for Emeritus members. Note: all STP members receive INHAND Supplement issues, when published, at no additional charge.

While you are indicating your preferences online, we also ask that you take a minute to complete or update your STP membership demographic information. This will greatly help the STP in better identifying member needs and interests in the future as we continue to add educational programs, modular courses, regional meetings and more in addition to the annual symposium for all members to participate in. Thank you in advance for doing so.

2019 STP Annual Dues

  • Full or Associate—$195 with only-only journal access; or $210 with print journal subscription
  • Student—$25 with only-only journal access; or $60 with print journal subscription
  • Emeritus—$0 with only-only journal access; or $70 with print journal subscription

Online renewal: You may renew your STP membership for 2019 using the fast and convenient online system at Simply enter your email address (the same email address that was used to send you this notice) and your STP Member ID (Password). Click the lost password link if you need to retrieve your password. 

Student members:
Per the STP Bylaws, “both the initial application and subsequent renewal of student membership must be accompanied by a communication, either electronic or hardcopy, from the student’s supervisor or advisor to verify eligibility for continued student membership.” You may submit your student verification via email to STP Headquarters. If you no longer meet the student membership requirements, it's imperative that you update your membership type. Login here to complete the quick application.

Emeritus members: Any Full Member who has retired may be designated an Emeritus member by the Executive Committee at the member’s request. Application for Emeritus status will include a statement that the member is fully retired and is not engaged for profit in toxicology or toxicologic pathology, including full-time or part-time professional consultation. It is incumbent upon members designated Emeritus to inform the Society if he or she resumes income producing work in the field of toxicology or toxicologic pathology. Should that occur, the member would revert to Full Member status, with requisite dues and privileges. If you need to update your membership type, login here to complete the quick application.

Please also consider making a donation to the STP Funds along with your dues renewal.

The Daniel Morton and Laura Dill Morton Scholarship Fund, having been established in 2016 and first awarded in 2017, greatly supporting student/trainee education and training in toxicologic pathology via a scholarship program set up in perpetuity; the Journal Fund supporting journal activities including the Best Paper Awards, page budget, and publication and distribution of INHAND Supplements; the Student Education Fund enhancing education and training of students in toxicologic pathology; the Member Education Fund supporting regional meetings, webinars, and online education for all members; the Unrestricted Fund giving the Society flexibility to support multiple strategic goals throughout the year, including the annual meeting.

If you are unable to renew your dues online or prefer to pay by a different method, you may select the "Print invoice to fax or mail with payment" link on the online renewal page. Alternatively, contact STP Headquarters to request a printable invoice that can be mailed or faxed.

By renewing today, you’ll ensure that your subscription to Toxicologic Pathology and other member benefits continue without interruption. The publisher of the journal requires a 2019 mailing list at the beginning of December 2018; as such, we will automatically renew journal subscriptions for all members who have paid 2019 STP membership dues by December 1, 2018.

Should you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact the STP headquarters at or (703) 438-7508.

Thank you again, 

Paul W. Snyder, DVM, PhD, DACVP, FIATP
President, Society of Toxicologic Pathology

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