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Sponsored Message: Pathcore — Customizable Solutions for Toxicologic Pathology

By Tierre Miller posted 06-22-2021 14:00


 This message was sent to all STP members and past meeting attendees on behalf of Pathcore as part of the STP 2021 Virtual Exhibitor Program

Enable remote peer review using digital pathology with PathcoreFlow™, ensuring continuous and efficient completion of toxicologic safety and assessment studies.


PathcoreFlow™ is a digital pathology platform that is relied upon for preclinical toxicology studies in GLP settings. Empower your team with tools to make their day more efficient, fully integrated, and accessible from anywhere.

Central database for your research

Support for 22+ whole slide image formats

Accessible from all devices

Comprehensive toolset for digital pathology

Securely manage data and users

Bi-directional integration with image analysis


Consolidate all preclinical drug safety studies in a secure browser-based platform


Make your workflow more productive and fully integrated. Schedule a discovery call to learn how Pathcore can transform your digital pathology workflows!



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