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Sponsored Message — AIRA Matrix: Step Beyond the Current Digital Paradigm

By Tierre Miller posted 12-02-2020 13:12


 This message was sent to all STP members and past meeting attendees on behalf of AIRA Matrix as part of the STP 2020 Virtual Exhibitor Program

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AIRA Matrix

Step Beyond the Current Digital Paradigm

At AIRA Matrix, we operate beyond the traditional AI Paradigm to harness the true potential of deep learning in drug discovery.

We are advancing the boundaries on AI applications for pathology with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Our goal is to provide automation tools, operational efficiency solutions, and predictive analytics for toxicology and experimental pathology to improve the accuracy of results and enhance workflow efficiency.

Some examples of our solutions portfolio:



  • Cardiomyopathy grading
  • Liver steatosis estimation
  • Acute and chronic lung injury quantification models


  • Tissue Triage Systems for toxicology studies
  • Spermatogenic staging in rodents and NHP


  • Predict long term failures of compound
  • Predict chronic study outcomes

About AIRA Matrix

AIRA Matrix provides artificial intelligence-based solutions for Life Sciences applications. Our products and services improve efficiency, diagnostic accuracy, and turnaround of pathology and microbiology workflows in research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories.

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