Do You Have Memorable Photos From Past Annual Symposia?

By Tierre Miller posted 6 days ago

Dear STP Members,

We hope this email finds you well, and your loved ones safe and healthy.

The 50th Year Celebration Task Force is requesting submission of memorable photos from past Annual Symposia throughout the history of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology, from the 1970s through 2020. The Task Force will use select photographs for inclusion into a pictorial yearbook and slideshow commemorating the 50th year of the Society, showing the growth of the STP over the decades. We welcome all members to submit photographs through the gallery on ToxPathNet. (member login required)

Please note that uploading a document is accomplished by completing a few steps, and each step must be completed before you can move on to the next:
  • Choose a title for your document, and include a description (optional). Select one of the folders (by decade) to which you’d like to upload it (optional). Then, choose an Entry Type (most will be Standard Files, but be cognizant of any copyright licensed material). Once you have completed these steps, please click “Next.”
  • Upload your file(s). Multiple files can be uploaded at once. 
  • Select “Next” if you want to further describe your file(s) and/or add tags to your file. Otherwise, please click “Finish” to post your library entry. 

With many thanks,

STP 50th Anniversary Task Force
Mark J. Hoenerhoff
Stacey Fossey
Dan Patrick
Charlotte Keenan
James Popp