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8th ESTP International Expert Workshop

By Tierre Miller posted 11-02-2020 18:23

8th ESTP International Expert Workshop
Virtual Workshop Meeting: 16-17 November 2020
“IT/QA requirements for Digital Toxicologic Pathology”



The Virtual Face-to-Face Expert Discussion of our current workshop “IT/QA requirements for Digital Toxicologic Pathology” will take place on 16th-17th November 2020 from 2-6 pm CET online.

The workshop comprises 40+ members representing pathologists and also IT and QA specialists, including a participant from ANSM, the French Medicines Agency.

Presentations will cover literature review and outcomes from expert’s discussions on this topic, including but not limited to definition of key concepts such as the pixel chain, digital pathology workflow, LIM system integration, color calibration, digital image and associated metadata integrity along the image chain, new regulatory concepts, qualification vs validation study, etc. Please see the attached topics list and agenda for further details. During the workshop, there will be approximately 2 hours for each topic: IT, pathologist and regulatory requirements, and wrap up. There will be Q&A sessions to allow the audience to contribute actively, and some sessions of expert discussion. The list of experts and detailed program will be sent out approximately one week prior to the event.

The achievements of the workshop will be summarized by the organizing team and experts, and will be further refined at follow-up workshop teleconferences, with the aim to submit an internationally endorsed publication to Toxicologic Pathology within the next half year or so.

We would like to invite interested toxicologic pathologists, IT and QA experts, and scientists from related disciplines, to join the audience of this event, with the possibility to contribute actively to the Q&A sessions. A recording of the workshop will be made available for registered participants.

Online registration will be possible until 15 November, 2020 via the following link.

The registration fee of 50.00 € includes access to the workshop on both days. The payment should be made prior to the event, via the following link.  

Or as a bank payment:
ESTP Bank Account: Commerzbank Lörrach
IBAN DE66 6834 0058 0280 9705 00

If you have questions with respect to payment, please contact the ESTP Treasurer. For any organizational questions or requests, please contact one of the workshop organizers (below).

We are looking forward to another successful ESTP International Expert Workshop!

Looking forward to meeting you virtually,

The organizing committee

Erio Barale-Thomas
Julie Boisclair 
Thorsten Schlüter
Vanessa Schumacher